Our Projects

Two Bedroom apartment, Girl’s bedroom Interior design

Region: Prague
Area: 112m²
Realization: December 2020

Interior design modern bedroom and Living Room

Region: Prague
Area: 125 m²
Realization: February – March 2021

Open Concept Kitchen and Living Room

Region: Sankt-Petersburg, Russia
Area: 92m²
Realization: November 2020

Villa house, interior design of living room

Region: Mechenice, Prague-west 
Area: 198m²
Duration: March 2016

Villa Butterfly

Region: Kladno
Area: 438m²
Duration: March – April 2015

Two bedroom apartment, design of Living room 

Region: Prague, Old Town
Area: 124m²
Duration: April 2018

Two Bedroom apartment, design of Living room 

Region: Prague
Area: 121m²
Duration: September 2016

Two bedroom apartment, Alfa Rezidence

Region: Prague, Vackov
Area: 106m²
Duration: June 2016

Three bedroom apartment

Region: Prague, Smichov
Area: 106m²
Duration: June – August 2016

Three bedroom apartment, Rezidence Waltrovka

Region: Prague, Jinonice
Area: 26m²
Duration: July – August 2017

Small loft, Rezidence Korunovacni

Region: Prague, Bubenec
Area: 20m²
Duration: September 2017

Villa house, design of Living room

Region: Prague-eаst, Hrusice
Area: 168m²
Duration: November 2014

Villa house

Region: Prague-west, Chyne
Area: 283m²
Duration: May 2017

Modern house project

Region: Prague-eаst, Strasin
Area: 357m²
Duration: November – December 2018

Prague Medieval Tavern

Region: Prague, Old Town
Area: 137m²
Duration: March – April 2019

Adspro office

Region: Prague, Zizkov
Area: 284m²
Duration: September – November 2019

Boutique P.S.Fashion

Region: Praha, Old town
Area: 86m²
Duration: May 2015

Sanace PO office and administrative complex, Redevelopment project

Region: Chomutov
Area: 3 000m²
Duration: February – March 2016