About us

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KORIS studio is an international interior design company headed by interior designer Irina Kosoverova with offices in Praha and in Karlovy Vary. Since 2013 KORIS studio has taken on with success hospitality projects in Czechia and abroad, with projects in France, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine and the Middle East.

Our core strengths are excellent design abilities, a close attention to detail, not to mention customer service devotion and professional outlook in all aspects of our work.

KORIS’s mission is to bring beauty and functionality to everyone’s surroundings creating a sophisticated atmosphere where only exceptional finishes and final touches are delivered.


How we work

Our work begins when we receive the initial information and an assignment specifying the customer’s wishes. If there is a possibility to view the building, we use it. We always welcome the possibility to get personally acquainted with the customer, because we believe that a personal meeting is the most enjoyable and effective way to start our work on the project together. During the first discussion with the customer, we create the most important thing  – a general idea of the​ interior that the customer wants our work to produce and the direction in which we should move and the styles and colours we should use to start to create the interior design.

After visiting the building and taking measurements, we begin to create several variants of initial interior designs so that you can choose the best one. After the chosen concept is approved, we start working on the final design of the interior. 

We hand over the completed design to you as a set of documents in paper and electronic form. 

We are ready to offer author’s supervision to ensure the successful implementation of the completed design and interior concept.

With author’s supervision, full consistency is achieved between the interior concept created and its actual implemented form. This will allow you to get the interior of your dreams.